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The way solar power plants are installed

 Rood mounted solar panels


Solar power plants can be installed on the sunny side of any object:

  • roof of an apartment building,
    • roof of an industrial building,
  • roof of an undemanding building (hayrack, barn), projecting roof.

Power plants integrated into the roof tiles


  • It is suitable for any building. If you decide to recover the roof because of old tiles, you can use the photovoltaic modules instead of the roof tiles. You can also use them when building a new object. 


  • Besides roof integration you can also build a facade with a special »glass-glass« technology, which provides a lot of light. These kinds of objects look very appealing and modern. 

Freestanding power plants


  • It is required to have a buildable surface and a valid building permit.
  • Fixed or tracking systems.
The surface, needed to install a solar power plant on the ground, depends on the position of the plot. If the plot is slightly elevated and facing south, you do not need as much space for the same amount of energy as if the plot is completely flat. You have to consider the shading, which appears because of the position of the construction with a certain incline.

Island power plants



  • Power plant does not depend on the public electrical power grid.
  • During the night it draws energy from the battery.
  • It can combine energy from the sun, wind and water.
  • Less demanding users do not need any other sources of energy, however, for more energy it can also use other energy sources (generator, electrical grid...).

We offer several systems of different power, according to the regime of energy usage. We can also make a custom system, optimal for your needs.




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