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Eko Financing


Building a solar power plant is a big financial responsibility. International guidelines for restructuring energetics lead into the direction of increasing the share of renewable sources of energy and that is why there are quite a few sources available, with which you can execute this investment easier.


In our company, we always have current information about nonrefundable means and favorable loans. We offer you full support with the financial realization of the project (eco loans, non-refundable means).


Loan options: 


1. Loans from commercial banks


Investing into a solar power plant is a 100% safe investment and that is why banks offer special financial products, which are meant for their financing. The share of the loan depends on the banks, and it can be up to 100% of the investment.

2. Eco fund loan


In its public tenders, Slovenian Eco fund offers very favorable loans for investing into solar power plants (to companies and individuals). For this kind of loan, you have to prepare the business documentation, which we can arrange for you.

3. Stimulations and non-refundable means, which are appointed as a part of tenders of national bodies or EU bodies and the regional and local supportči


The European union offers means of support for founding and developing micro and medium sized companies. For the development of the countryside there are subventions available for building a photovoltaic system for electric energy production. In both cases, you can get up to 50% of non-refundable means, which you receive after building the power plant. It is good to know, if the funds were approved, before starting to build. If you receive subsidies from the EU means, the subsidized price of the set redemption lowers. Despite the lower redemption price, the investment still repays in less than 10 years. If you have a signed contract for set redemption of energy for the next 15 years with the Borzen’s Centre for RES/CHP support, the investment will be more than profitable.


  • Public tender for measure 312, support for founding and developing micro companies
  • Public tender for measure 311, diversification into non-agricultural activities



For additional information, offers or orders contact our experts, who will gladly answer any of your questions.